Rose Valland, on “the Art Front”

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Rose informed the Resistance… and the US Forces

Survival (couverture)

Survival, James Rorimer, 1950, printed paper, private collection, © Abelard Press.

During the Occupation Rose informed, besides her hierarchical superior Jacques Jaujard (1895-1967), some Resistance fighters and, as from the autumn of 1944, the Americans. She did so as a precautionary step, taking the view that a greater number of people in the know would make access to the works easier in due course.

Among these US officers, lieutenant James Rorimer who presided over the operations of safeguard of the European heritage, would give an account of Rose’s effort in his 1950 book Survival.

It is worth noting that several “Monuments Men”, American military whose training prepared them for the recovery of art works wrote memoirs where Rose Valland’s work is given due credit.

  •  Lieutenant John D. Skilton, Défense de L'ART Européen par un officier Américain, Paris, Editions internationales, 1948.
  •  James S. Plaut,  Loot for the Master Race, September 1946, accessible on the internet.
Rose informed the Resistance… and the US Forces